Ray Giridharan

Management, strategy, project management, sales

Ray heralds from the UK and has over twenty years of experience as a leading marketing professional. Working as an executive level marketing and sales consultant for the NHS, Ray has learned how to communicate and get projects done on-time and on-budget in a highly challenging business environment.

Known for his professional manner and practical approach, Ray’s expertise in business to business marketing is second to none. Ray’s mantra is, ‘I don’t tell my clients what to do, I listen to what it is they want, I then give them the information they need to be able to do it.’

As the Founder of Total Medical Design, Ray has assembled a team of skilled and talented professionals, who share his vision and commitment to delivering fantastic, high-quality work and a great customer experience.

Jeremy Pomeroy

Branding, graphic design, web design, visual content

Jeremy is an award-winning graphic designer and art director with over fifteen years of experience in creating innovative and engaging designs for health clients in Sydney, London, and South America.

Throughout his years as a designer, Jeremy has accumulated extensive skills in advertising, corporate identity, packaging, print collateral, exhibition graphics, web and multimedia. Jeremy possesses high attention to detail, and his strengths lay in conceptual design and communication goals, information architecture, project management and business development.

Madhur Bhatia

Software development, mobile app development, project management

Madhur is a (PMP) certified Project Manager who manages software development projects from conception to delivery. He’s well-versed in agile and SCRUM methodologies for product development, client implementations and stakeholder management.

Madhur brings over 15 years of experience in software development to the team. Over this time, he has led 500+ software development projects valued at between $500K and $1.5m USD.

Penny Keogh

Social Media Manager and Copywriter

For more than 15 years, I have worked with some of Australia’s leading PR and marketing agencies for big brands across industries including health, finance, education, food and more.

An experienced writer and award winning professional, I deliver content that drives customer interest and brand awareness, so you can achieve your strategic goals. I also have a Masters in Business and work as a lecturer in PR, marketing and social media management at the University of Wollongong.

The jobs I most enjoy working on are those that help businesses get where they want to go. To me, it’s about making sure every sentence feeds the end result. It’s about the right ideas for a better strategy. I consider it a pleasure to see the results of my work driving customer interest and brand awareness.

The value I believe I bring to a project is making it easy for my clients. Good stakeholder management skills are hard to find. Needle. Haystack. But years of working in marketing and PR agencies has ensured I know it’s as much about the process as it is the final result. My customer focus will deliver what you need, when you need it, as efficiently as possible.

Leon Fernandes

Search engine marketing, PPC, web design, digital strategy

Leon has over a decade of expertise in web design and development, along with a swathe of other skills, including CRM management, sales and customer service automation and chat-bot automation. Leon has helped dozens of health businesses to succeed through his proactive and dynamic approach to search engine marketing. He helps health businesses to realise their marketing goals by using the latest digital tools and smart solutions.

Edmund Pelgen

SEO, link building, digital strategy, conversion optimisation

Edmund Pelgen has helped hundreds of businesses to grow online over several decades and has assisted Total Medical Design for several years with SEO.

Edmund’s strengths lay in SEO, website optimisation, conversion optimisation, link building and digital strategy. He has extensive experience not only in health but also in finance, retail and hospitality.


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