Medical Graphic Design

Medical graphic design that is a beautiful body of work

Stunning graphic design should deliver plenty of eyeballs to your website and keep them glued there. However that’s only the beginning. UK Medical graphic design should be considerate, thoughtful and adaptable to how users interact with your brand.

Total Medical Design’s team will bring your brand to life through brochures, direct mail, websites, mobile app design and more. Our body of design work for the health industry is fully integrated with our marketing efforts.

From end-to-end, we support your business with everything from brand guidelines, web design, email marketing and print marketing such as direct mail and brochures.

Medical graphic design that’s conversion focused

Whatever platform or medium we use, our primary focus is crafting design that elegantly guides your audience towards taking the next step. We are conversion focused with all of our designs. So whether you need your audience to pick up the phone, make an appointment or simply to understand a complex health issue, we can help.

Find your distinct medical brand mojo

The health industry is always changing. Established health brands face competition from lifestyle brands. To succeed in this changing digital sphere requires adaptation. Health brands in the UK need to foster authenticity and a distinct brand personality. Total Medical Design can help!


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